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Effect topper experiments with OPI lab rats

With the intent to honour my self-imposed nail polish purchasing ban for the rest of the year, I pulled these out as a distraction from the ILNP toppers that never fail to tempt me …

NYC Shimmer Blast Sparkle Top Coat 016
OPI Vant to Bite My Neck?

NYC Shimmer Blast Sparkle Top Coat 017 – Sweet Candy
OPI Suzi & the Arctic Fox

Essie Kisses & Bises
OPI Miss You-niverse

Maybelline Colorama Top Coat 35 Cold As Ice
OPI Roadhouse Blues

CND Effects Jade Sparkle
OPI Turn On the Northern Lights!

Ella Fashion Effect Color 185 – Purple
OPI Who Are You Wearing?

Impala Meus Segredos – Fiquei Rosa
OPI First Class Desires

Passe Nati Dancers – Lambada
OPI DS Mystery

Passe Nati Sabrina Sato Dancers – Baile
OPI Diva of Geneva

Hits Speciallita Guerra dos Sexos – Carolina
OPI Black Cherry Chutney

Colorama Reflexos Furta-Cor
OPI Eiffel for this Color

Colorama Reflexos Azulados
OPI Vampsterdam

Catrice Million Styles Holo Que Tal?
OPI Muir Muir on the Wall

Catrice Siberian Call LE C03 Sky & Snow
OPI Have You Seen My Limo?

Catrice Frosting Top Coat
OPI Embarca-dare Ya

Essence Special Effect Topper 05 Time for Reflection
OPI The One That Got Away

Essence Light Reflection Top Coat 28 Magic Play of Light
OPI Bogota Blackberry

1/2 China Glaze Travel in Colour
1/2 China Glaze My Little Pony – Hay Girl Hay
OPI Germanicure by OPI

After being photographed last weekend, this gorgeous wheel spent the rest of the week outside after its fumes gave me a baaad headache. The gardeners used their blowers over it, insects landed on it, and only my conscience that it was a piece of heavily layered varnished plastic kept me from tossing it out with the garbage.

In the end, I cleaned it off and brought it back indoors to the fold. Its beauty remains absolutely spellbinding, even after having been abandoned to the elements!

xx blueberry milk tea

Spooky series: moody autumnal skies

Risqué Silver Shine, Bonita Dying to Party, Essence Urban Messages TE Skyscraper

A-England Cathy, Essence Crystalliced TE It’s a Snow-woman’s World, Impala Novo 70 Boho Chic, Essence C&G Grey-t to Be Here

Essence Vintage District TE Get Arty, Essence Crystalliced TE Iced Age Reloaded

Nails Inc. Ballet Sheers Covent Garden Ballet, Impala Cores do Oceano Agua Viva, Orly Sweet Dreams, Layla Softouch Effect 03

Scherer Chameleon Hula, OPI Yokohama Twilight

Revlon Smoldering, Colorama Abre Alas, Colorama Misteriosa Turquia Lua Crescente

All swatches above, two coats

Kiko Quick Dry 849, Dance Legend Mist Way Collection 09 Hedgehog in the Fog, Illamasqua Raindrops, Sinful Colors Kylie Trend Matters Shimmer Matte Angel Magik Touch

Rescue Beauty Lounge Morning Light, Sinful Colors Kylie Trend Matters Demi Matte Velvet Kurtsey

Icing by Claire’s unnamed 1/4 of a mini set, Orly Pixie Dust, OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam

Essence Beauty Beats TE As Long as You Love Me, Sinful Shine Kylie Signature Collection King Kylie Slay Grey, Colorama Hypnose

All swatches 2-3 coats

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Suddenly, last summer

Chanel Le Vernis Summer 2015 consisted of:
697 Terrana
707 Mediterranee
717 Coquelicot
727 Lavanda

I successfully resisted all four.

When I spotted this post on, late last year, it serendipitously coincided with the inauguration of the Kiko Milano U.S. website.

I picked up those varnishes, and more.

After I had put my Kiko PFFs together, I kept wishing I had Colorama Hippie Chic in my collection, which seemed to me an apt Chanel Mediterranee Brazilian doppelganger.

Of course, I already had her.  As well as these others!

Top Beauty Esquenta Café Espresso

Colorama Hippie Chic

Impala Meus Segredos Abafa o Caso

Impala Meus Segredos Eu Confesso

Adding Kiko 489 as my PFF pick to Chanel Coquelicot, here is the post lineup:

Kiko 373 Burnt Sienna

Kiko 528 Ocean Green

Kiko 489 Pearly Golden Mango

Kiko 333 Bright Violet

I subsequently added some other Kiko numbers to my collection, which seemed to me perhaps even better PFFs to Chanel Summer 2015.  I have no way of knowing, since I didn’t jump quickly enough on the Chanel purchasing bandwagon.

Kiko 373 Burnt Sienna

Kiko 387 Turquoise

Kiko 361 Raspberry

Kiko 292 Uva Chiaro

Finally, here are side-by-side lineups of each potential PFF:

xx beijos e bessos blueberry milk tea

PFF Series: black dot + shimmer specialty glitters

I’ve had these two Polish Friends Forever under my hat for a long while now…


Essence Effect Nail Polish 13 Laser Show

When I first bought this, I was like, ugh… what was I thinking? and planned to return it straightaway after doing this comparison.

Thankfully, the return period expired long ago due to my procrastination. 🙂


Colorama Famosa Pop Up

S. in Sao Paulo kept hounding me about this one, even after I told her a resounding no several times.

In spite of the steep price, I’m so glad S. insisted on including this in my Summer 2014 varnish parcel.


Although the base colours differ, both varnishes have a predominantly twinkly blue microshimmer in addition to the black dots…


One coat each.

Obviously, Colorama has more black dots of varying size (the “spray effect”), but Essence has that pearly-silvery rainbow microshimmer, in addition to small silvery white glitter.

I can’t figure out why I didn’t like Laser Show initially.  I think when I opened the bottle, it seemed frosty and goopy upon first inspection…


Such a pretty pair.


Now up to two coats each.


I was pleasantly surprised to spot the blue shimmer in Pop Up when she first arrived last summer.

I didn’t remember any blue shimmer in the online swatches or bottle shots I had seen.


Here, a third coat added to Essence, but Colorama remains at two…



Again, Essence Laser Show 3x, Colorama Famosa Pop Up 2x

Keeping them both!  It’s love…

xx blueberry milk tea

Black and white background = Gran Larousse Eng-Span Span-Eng dictionary (remember those?), 1993 edition

Mauve + marsala masala


Above and below:  Peripera PK007 (shimmer), Essence Vintage District TE Antique Pink, Models Own Vintage Pink, Nails Inc. Bruton Street, Nails Inc. Jermyn Street



Maybelline Color Show Rebel Bouquet LE Beach Bloom (had to sneak this in cos I just got it, it’s a similar temperature to several others in this post, and I heart it!)

Essie Fondola Gondola


Above and below:  Essie Fondola Gondola, Colorama Nutriverniz Segunda Pele, Essie In Stitches, Impala Caixa de Musica, OPI Java Mauve-a, Sinful Colors Vacation Time




Petites Pink Suede + CQ Shimmering Bark (both shimmers).  This last was considered Chanel Paradoxal-ish in its heyday.


Risqué Energia, SH XW Mauve Over (prolly the most Pantone-swatch Marsala-ish), Sinful Colors Over Easy, Essence C&G What’s My Name?


Essie Angora Cardi, Impala Art Love Galeria Estilo, SH XW Get Down, OPI OPI Scores a Goal


NOPI The New Neutral, Zoya Brigitte, Essie Soiree Mauve, Essie Island Hopping


Orly Classic Contours, NOPI I Caramel About You, SH Nailgrowth Miracle Gorgeous Grape, SH CSM Clean Slate

xx blueberry milk tea

Green (eggs &) Spam

Surely you won’t mind? … 🙂


Color Club New Bohemian, Sally Girl TTFN, Bonita Dali’s Memory


Misa Catch a Flick, Nubar Vogue Vert


Barry M GHS Cardamom, OPI Don’t Mess with OPI


ChG mini Too Yacht to Handle, Nature Republic Color Waltz BL507 Mint Sky


L.A. Girl Color Pop Peacock, Nature Republic 27


Bad hair day…


Sally Girl Chillax, Essie Garden Variety, China Glaze My Way or the Highway

Essie and ChG are greener than this in real life…


Essie Garden Variety, China Glaze My Way or the Highway, Rimmel 60 Seconds Rita Ora Do Not Disturb

Rita is also greener than she appears here.


The aforementioned, with Orly Teal Unreal tacked onto the end.  Orly is indeed greener in real life, as well.


Not Sally Girl Chillax – she does lean blue.  Must be chiquita pero picosa — tiny, but influencing the big ‘uns nearby


L. A. Colors Color Craze Jungle Fever, Colorama Africa a Vista Mar Sem Fim, Essence C&G Trust in Fashion

Jungle Fever holds a special place in my heart due to unusual immense self-control in restraining myself from buying her on repeated trips to an Asian grocery store.  She was less than $1 USD, but in those lean days of 2012, I had very little money for extras.  Thus, I always consider her fondly.  🙂


Ginger + Liz Stress Management, Impala Disco Azul Pavao


Sinful Colors Last Chance, Catrice Hugo Moss


Not sure about Last Chance (this and SC Envy live in the varnish warehouse untried), but Hugo Moss seems to be a great economical alternative to NARS Zulu.

xx blueberry milk tea

P.S.  I gave both Zulu and Galion away untried.

P.P.S.  Nail wheels are in short supply at the shops these days!

Flakie freshener


2x L.A Girls Fruity Sparkling Peach

1x Colorama Melindrosa

1x Barry M CrystalGlaze

No base or top

Gotta keep some kind of varnish on the nails at all times, to avoid losing length on index fingers and thumbs due to inherent flakes, splits and snags on those nails.

After premature removal of this protection (I ordered the entire Essie Spring 2015 collection; Petal Pushers exploded in transit and grey varnish was thus all over my hands and nails, as well as neighbouring bottles, my kitchen floor, sink, wastebasket, etc. when the package was opened), that’s exactly what happened…

Now, with stumpier index and thumbnails, I’m able to better maneuver a newly-discovered collage app on my phone.  I love it in spite of my 14-year old son telling me he was using it back in 5th grade…

xx blueberry milk tea