Nails of Paradise
No Spain No Gain
Nomad’s Dream
Not Like the Movies
Number One Nemesis
Nutcracker Suite

Oh My Majesty
One Chic Chick
One Heckla of a Color
OPI… Eurso Euro
OPI Scores A Goal
O Suzi Mio
Over the Taupe

Pamplona Purple
Panda-monium Pink
Paris Couture for Sure
Patience Pays Off (Infinite Shine 2)
Pink Caramel
Pink Cupcake
Pink Flamenco
Pirouette My Whistle
Politically Polished
Polly Want a Lacquer?
Press * for Silver
Purple Palazzo Pants
Push and Shove duo
Put It In Neutral

Red Lights Ahead… Where?
Red My Fortune Cookie
Rising Star
Road House Blues
Romeo & Joliet
Ruble for Your Thoughts
Russian Navy

Samoan Sand
Save Me
Shatter the Scales
She’s a Bad Muffuletta!
Shine for Me
Shorts Story
Show It and Glow It
Show Us Your Tips!
Showered By Petals
Significant Other Color
Silent Stars Go By
Simmer & Shimmer
Sitting Under Cherry Blossoms
Skating on Thin Ice-land
Skull & Gloss-bones
Sleigh Parking Only
So Elegant
So Many Clowns… So Little Time
Sorry I’m Fizzy Today
Spare Me a French Quarter
Sparrow Me the Drama
Spoken from the Heart
Squeaker of the House
Starry-eyed for Dear Daniel
Steady As She Rose
Step Right Up!
Stop It I’m Blushing!
Strawberry Margarita
Substantially Tan (Infinite Shine)
Super Bass Shatter
Super Cute in Pink
Suzi & the Arctic Fox
Suzi Shops & Island Hops
Suzi’s Hungary Again!
Suzi Nails New Orleans
Suzi Takes the Wheel
Suzi – The First Lady of Nails
Suzi Without a Paddle
Sweet Memories
Swirl of Euphoria

Take a Right on Bourbon
Take the Stage
Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It
Taupe-less Beach
Teenage Dream
That’s Hula-rious!
The Is Have It
The One That Got Away
The Show Must Go On
The Thrill of Brazil
The World is Not Enough
This Color’s Making Waves
This Cost Me a Mint
This Isn’t Greenland
Thoroughly Modern Millie
Tickets to Paradise
Tickle My France-y
Time for a Napa
Tiramisu for Two
This Gown Needs a Crown
This Silver’s Mine!
To Be Or Not To Beagle
To The Mouse House We Go!
Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em
Tropi-cal Me on My Cell
Turn on the Haute Light
Turn on the Northern Lights
Two-timing the Zones

Unfrost My Heart

Vant to Bite My Neck?

What’s the Hatter with You?
Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?
Where’s My Blanket???
Who Are You Wearing?
Wonderous Star
Worth a Pretty Penne

Yank My Doodle
Yoga-ta Get This Blue!
Yokohama Twilight
You Callin’ Me a Lyre?
You Only Live Twice
You’re A Doll
You’re A Pisa Work
You Are So Outta Lime!
You’re So Vain-illa
You’re Such a Budapest!