May 2017 inventory check. Yikes. There was a time when I would not purchase Essie as a matter of course; it was my arbitrary check & balance brand in the world of nail varnish, in order to keep myself from buying too much. The only Essies I had acquired were those I had traded for or was gifted with. By the looks of things, those days are long gone…

Absolutely Shore
A Crewed Interest
Adore-a-Ball (two versions)
After School Boy Blazer
All Access Pass
All the Wave
Altitude Attitude
Angora Cardi
Anniversary Gala
Armed & Ready
As Gold As It Gets
Au Natural
Avenue Maintain

Baby’s Breath
Bachelorette Bash
Backseat Besties
B’aha Moment
Ballet Slippers
Bangle Jangle
Bare With Me
BBF Best Boyfriend
Bell-Bottom Blues
Be Right Bag
Berry Naughty
Between the Seats
Bikini So Teeny
Birthday Suit
Blossom Dandy
Blush-worthy (Gel Couture)
Bobbing for Baubles
Bond with Whomever
Brides No Grooms
Brides to Be
Brooch the Subject
Butler Please

Café Forgot
Cascade Cool
Chubby Cheeks
Ciao Effect
Click It or Ticket
Clothing Optional
Cocktail Bling
Cocktails & Coconuts
Cocoa Karma
Come Here!
Comfy in Cashmere
Congo Bongo
Cool Lots
Cute As A Button

Da Bush
Delhi Dance
Demure Vixen
Designated DJ
Don’t Sweater It
Double Breasted Jacket
Dress is More (Gel Couture)


E-nuf is E-nuf
Eternal Optimist
Excuse Me, Sur

Fall in Line
Fashion Playground
Fear or Desire
Fed Up
Fifth Avenue
Find Me An Oasis
Fondola Gondola

Garden Variety
Glamour Purse
Go Ginza
Go Go Geisha
Going Guru
Got Engaged!
Groove is in the Heart
Guilty Pleasures
Gym Dandy

Happy Wife, Happy Life
Haute As Hello
Hide and Go Chic
High Class Affair
Hiking Heels
Hot Coco
Hubby For Dessert

In Stitches
In the Cab-ana
In the Lobby
Island Hopping
It’s in the Bag


Kimono Over
Kisses & Bises

Lapis of Luxury
Leggy Legend
Life of the Party
Lion Around
Lounge Lover
Love and Acceptance
Love Every Minute
Lovie Dovie

Made to Honor
Main Squeeze
Maki Me Happy
Master Plan
Maximillian Strasse Her
Meet Me At Sunset
Meet the Parents
Merino Cool
Mind Your Mittens
Mink Muffs
Mint Candy Apple
Mint Mojito
Miss Fancy Pants
Miss Matched
Mod Square
Mrs. Always Right
My Place or Yours?
Muchi Muchi (salon name Guchi Muchi Puchi)

Nama-stay the Night
Navigate Her
Need a Vacation
Nice Is Nice
Neo Whimsical
No More Film
Not Just a Pretty Face
Now and Zen
Nude Beach

Off Tropic
Ole Caliente
On the Roadie
Orange It’s Obvious

Parka Perfect
Perennial Chic
Petal Pushers
Picked Perfect
Pillow Talk (two versions)
Playa del Platinum
Play Date
Playing Koi
Poolside Service
Power Clutch
Prima Ballerina
Private Weekend
Pure Pearl-faction

Raise Awareness
Real Simple
Red Nouveau
Resort Fling
Resort Romanza
Rock Candy
Romper Room
Rose Bowl
Russian Roulette

Sag Harbor
Sage You Love Me (Gel Couture)
Saltwater Happy
Sand Tropez
Sassy Satchel
Saturday Disco Fever
Secret Affair
Serial Shopper
School of Hard Rocks
Shade On
Shifting Power
Shop Till I Drop
Show Me the Ring
Skinny Dip
Smokin’ Hot
Snap Happy
Soiree Mauve
Sorrento Yourself
Spaghetti Strap
Sparkle on Top
Spin the Bottle
St. Lucia Lilac
Steal His Name
Stones & Roses
Strike a Pose-itano
Style Cartel
Style Hunter
Suite Retreat
Sunday Funday
Sunset Sneaks
Sunshine State of Mind
Swept Off My Feet

Taj Ma-haul
Take It Outside
Tart Deco
Tennis Corset
The Perfect Cover-Up
Time for Me Time
Too Too Hot
Topless & Barefoot
Truth or Flare
Tuck It in My Tux
Turquoise & Caicos

Udon Know Me
Under the Twilight
Under Where?
Urban Jungle

Van D’Go
Very Cranberry
Vested Interest
Vinyl Bikini
Virgin Snow

Walk Down the Aisle
Warm & Toasty Turtleneck
Where’s My Chauffeur?
Who Is the Boss?
Wild Nude
Winning Streak
Without a Stitch
With the Band
Worth the Wait
Wrap Me Up

Your Hut or Mine?