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International zingy chingy roundtable

These bottles had convened long before and in honour of St. Patrick’s Day … but the varnish ambassadress herself missed the boho boat 😦

The sleek, jeweled Italians: Kiko 392, 533, 535, 536

The luxuriously swank Poles: Inglot 138, 320, 981, 986, 966 (which I had misread upside down as 996, thus it’s out of numerical order)

The cosmopolitan yet unjaded Americans: Urban Outfitters Green (multichrome), Destined Take A Hike, Zoya Edyta, SH Insta-Dri Emerald Express

The filthy rich yet understated Brits: A-England Dragon, Saint George, Proserpine

A stunningly glamorous Swede, Make Up Store Charmaine, accompanied but not outdone by gem-bedecked Italian Layla, Emerald Divine

And they sit down to wine and dine, dazzled by one other’s unique beauty at two coats!

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Tres flores

Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty
Rose Bower
Shall Be My Queen

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Inspiration: Spring clean

Marni F/W 2017-2018

Just cos I’m always delighted, surprised and inspired by Italian houses’ juxtaposition of colour and texture

The shelf containing a fraction of my collection, which took an enormous chunk of afternoon to clean, mix and reorganize.

Miu Miu Subjective Reality 2015 campaign by Steven Meisel

Peripera, Paul & Joe and Republic Nail’s Frida Kahlo collection

Miu Miu 2014

Colour, texture + pattern

Again, Marni … from F/W 2016-2017

Miu Miu runway F/W 2015-2016

Two bottles of vintage HC Normal

In the end, I got it done!

HC Pixie, Angel, Dork, Bubble Gum, original Sky

All cleaned, shaken and stirred.

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Collections: A England – Tennyson’s Romance

Cropped image of King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid, 1884, by Edward Burne-Jones

Puff puff … I’m so behind! Spring has almost sprung, and I’m still happily, richly swathed in beauteous dark and heavy tapestry from last November 🙂

This is the first collection I’ve ever ordered in its entirety both upon first sight + sight unseen, as they say. Absolutely no regrets.

Live Love Polish really wowed me with their incredible packaging and speedy delivery. Last Thanksgiving break, I was headed out on a week-long road trip and had my fingers crossed that an express-delivery varnish box would serendipitously land on my doorstep before it was time to make the looong haul across the looong state of California. LLP came through with flying colours, literally and figuratively, lol!  I remain truly grateful.

Her arms across her breast she laid;
She was more fair than words can say:

Bare-footed came the beggar maid
Before the king Cophetua.

In robe and crown the king stept down,
To meet and greet her on her way;

“It is no wonder,” said the lords,
“She is more beautiful than day”.

As shines the moon in clouded skies,
She in her poor attire was seen:

One praised her ancles, one her eyes,

One her dark hair and lovesome mien:

So sweet a face, such angel grace,

In all that land had never been:

Cophetua sware a royal oath:

“This beggar maid shall be my queen!”

Three coats each, excepting first two swatch photos … those were taken earlier, at two coats.

Since I had dallied so long, I refreshed the chips with a third coat for the more recent photos.

Backgrounds are from a Vogue Italia editorial, A Charming Blend by Corinne Day, December 2005.

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Bling ring a la boheme

Floss Gloss Stun

After going round and round with Rickys NYC a couple of years ago re this varnish, I finally just went directly to the source (the Floss Gloss website) …

Colors by Llarowe Blonde Ambition

ILNP Spiced Eggnog (fugly base, gold flakes and holo shimmer)

A continuation of this wheel

Two coats each

Dance Legend Wow Prism 13 Steel Panther

Two coats, a continuation of this wheel

I needed another large particle scattered silver holo like … well, but this one *is* rather extraordinary!

A-England Katyusha

A true original stunner … multichrome shift and holographic beauty

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Great balls of fiery rainbow holo, part II

A long overdue continuation of part I, here.

L.A. Girls 3D Effects GNL 307, Sparkle Ruby

L.A. Girls 3D Effects GNL 305, Dazzling Pink

Layla Shock Pink

I painted this wheel long ago and it was none too sparkly, so I gave it a dusting off and each chip a fresh coat.

Ludurana Aurora Boreal Magnifica

NCLA Drop of Teal (why do almost all of my NCLA holos have wonky brushes? I avoid them due to this serious flaw …)

Sephora Formula X Athena

Etude House Play Nail #4 (I regret missing out on the other holos from this series — Etude House and its Korean contemporaries varnishes are my personal favourites, bar none)

Bonita Forget Me Not – not holo, but not forgotten either

NCLA Mermaid Tales

2-3 coats each

A-England Sleeping Palace

Bonita Flirty Shirley

NCLA Iridescent Dreams

Nfu-Oh 64

Sephora Formula X Aphrodite (almost bought another bottle in the clearance bin at 75% off the other day, forgetting I already have this … it leans more silvery under horrible shop lighting)

Nfu-Oh 63 (o heavenly flame)

NCLA Vacation on Mars

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Collections: Sinful Colors Camo Glitter

I found these at a newly-discovered, fabulously well-stocked Walgreens locale during my workday travels in mid-June.

Since I’ve been having behind-the-scenes technical troubles lately, many photos and ideas have been languishing in my drafts … this trio has unfortunately been in that category.




Above, one coat


Above, two coats


Above and below, two coats



Above and all photos below, three coats








Upon first glance at the bottles, I didn’t understand the name.

With each successive coat, a new shape or color of glitter appeared, and it gradually dawned on me.

However, I wasn’t able to fish the real camo stuff out of the bottom of the bottle, even at three coats.

That’s where all the larger, heavier pieces (hexes, flowers) have sunk and remained.

xx blueberry milk tea, deep in the varnish trenches