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Tres flores

Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty
Rose Bower
Shall Be My Queen

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Comparisons: Building an OPI Foundation

Feeling a bit like I’m standing at the Prescriptives counter, dressed in head-to-toe DKNY, circa mid-1990s …

Tiramisu for Two – Venice F/W 2015
Do You Take Lei-Away? – Hawaii Summer 2015
Feeling Frisco – California Dreaming Summer 2017
Samoan Sand – Soft Shades 2005
Don’t Pretzel My Buttons – Germany Fall 2012

Be There in a Prosecco – Venice F/W 2015
My Vampire is Buff – Euro Centrale Spring 2013
You’re So Vain-illa – Coca-Cola 2014
Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh? – Holland S/S 2012
Coconuts Over OPI – Fiji S/S 2017

ChG Angel’s Breath
ChG Nude
NOPI That’s Putting It Mild
ChG What’s She Dune?

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Pinky Promise II

111 Boa

217 Splendeur

489 Rose Insolent

519 Rose Exuberant

547 Pulsion

619 Pink Tonic (shimmer)

579 Plaza, 653 Darling, 658 Capeline, 661 Bonheur, 678 Creoles

Above:  Chanel on the left, Dior on the right

Kiko 503, Essie Brides No Grooms, Mavala 71 La Paz

Now these are what you call PFFs …

NARS Schiap, WnW Cherry Blossom on Top, Kiko 289, Essie Bachelorette Bash

Above, left:  these four are also true PFFs.

Essie BB is a crelly, maybe even a jelly … so squishy 🙂

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Pinky Promise I

Please don’t … don’t dupe it, baby.

(I’ve gone and done it for you!)

DL Break 4 Love (pinker than the rest of the wheel, included as a foil though difficult to discern here), Dior Bouquet, Dior Pink (shimmer)

Tropicalia, Dreamy Poppy, Pretty Woman (pinkest, by a hair)

Kiko 282, Essie Guilty Pleasures (feels like a crelly), Chanel Fracas (shimmer)

Kiko 360, Dior Wonderland, Chanel Tutti Frutti (shimmer), Chanel Turban (new formula)

Warhol postcard on top of Ikea box lid 🙂

2-3x each chip

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For richer or for poorer, getcha dizzy on!


Chanel 563 Vertigo, around $25 USD in 2012

Kiko 515 Cioccolato Fondente Metallico (Metallic Plain Chocolate), around $4 USD now (and can often be had for 50% off)





At one coat, directly above and below.  Chanel streaky and thin, Kiko opaque and thick (but not too thick).



At two coats, directly above and all remaining photos below.




Chanel evens out beautifully at two coats, but Kiko is still darker, nice opacity with a seemingly more visible and twinkly shimmer.



As with a great many others, I’ve had this post on the backburner for eons.

I have a lone sheet of Italian marble paper in grayscale that I’ve long thought would be perfect as a backdrop to these two varnishes.

The only problem is, the marble paper lies as buried treasure under several layers of inspirational elements culled through the years, and I’m a lazy one with no inclination to shovel, now or then.

While flipping lazily through a sprawling 2005 issue of Vogue Italia this lazy Saturday, sprawled out in my lazy armchair, I homed in on the Custo Barcelona advert you see above.

Initially, I was focused on the colour of the furry hat.  As I was randomly placing the varnish bottles on the page, a public radio program was broadcasting a theme based on a Chinese saying, “no coincidence, no story”.

The coincidence here, and thus the story, turns out to be that the resulting images are indeed quite vertiginous, wouldn’t you say?

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Holiday Series Ft. Dance Legend Red Show

Dance Legend 06, 07, 09

Above, Red Show 06 x 2

Above, Red Show 07 x 2

Above, Red Show 09 x 2

Dance Legend 06, 07, 09 – two coats each

Each of these varnishes is redder, more fiery and sparkly than I was able to capture and present here on a rainy day.

Around mid-November, I rather suddenly developed a huge crush on vampy, sparkly deep reds, which I haven’t been able to indulge until now.

So pleased to have these in my collection and to be able to share their utter lusciousness with you!

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Great balls of fiery rainbow holo, part II

A long overdue continuation of part I, here.

L.A. Girls 3D Effects GNL 307, Sparkle Ruby

L.A. Girls 3D Effects GNL 305, Dazzling Pink

Layla Shock Pink

I painted this wheel long ago and it was none too sparkly, so I gave it a dusting off and each chip a fresh coat.

Ludurana Aurora Boreal Magnifica

NCLA Drop of Teal (why do almost all of my NCLA holos have wonky brushes? I avoid them due to this serious flaw …)

Sephora Formula X Athena

Etude House Play Nail #4 (I regret missing out on the other holos from this series — Etude House and its Korean contemporaries varnishes are my personal favourites, bar none)

Bonita Forget Me Not – not holo, but not forgotten either

NCLA Mermaid Tales

2-3 coats each

A-England Sleeping Palace

Bonita Flirty Shirley

NCLA Iridescent Dreams

Nfu-Oh 64

Sephora Formula X Aphrodite (almost bought another bottle in the clearance bin at 75% off the other day, forgetting I already have this … it leans more silvery under horrible shop lighting)

Nfu-Oh 63 (o heavenly flame)

NCLA Vacation on Mars

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